A little task….

Our group has been given a task, finding pictures and explanations on some idioms. It looked like this: You may download the task as a WORD-document below. Blog TaskHerunterladen At the end our solution looked like this: If you are interested in using it, you may download it below. Blog Group 1 Music IdiomsHerunterladen If... Weiterlesen →

An Irish Rock Icon: Phil Lynott

by Stephan Ireland produced many great musicians and a few that are heralded worldwide. One of them - although born in England - still has a huge following to this day. Philip Parris Lynott (20 August 1949 – 4 January 1986) was an Irish musician and songwriter.  His most commercially successful group was Thin Lizzy,... Weiterlesen →

Everything will turn out fine!

I think it has happened to all of you before that you had a great idea and the result afterwards was completely different than you had imagined. At least that's what happened to my colleague Stephan and me. This is what this article is about.As a background, you should perhaps know in advance that we... Weiterlesen →


by Stephan Dublin’s music cannot only be found online or in a record store. It is probably best to visit one of the many Irish pubs to listen to one of the many bands or walk through Dublin’s streets and listen to some street musicians.  Martin and I did the later in search of a... Weiterlesen →

Whose guitar is hanging on the wall?

by Martin Strolling through Dublin's famous Temple Bar district you might get a glimpse of a guitar hanging on an outside wall. To be more exact, it is at the Rory Gallagher Corner. The guitar is a bronze replica of a Stratocaster electical guitar that was played, battered and bent by the ingenious, groundbreaking guitarist... Weiterlesen →

Need a tip for Dublin?

Our group arrived in Dublin, Ireland, for a course of further education... how to use internet technology in our classrooms. As you can tell, we also have some free time in the late afternoon and in the evening. Now the question is how to spend it in a "usefull" way? And this is where I... Weiterlesen →

An evening at the Phoenix Inn

As I told you - this blog is about everything I think that is worth sharing - thats why I'm here. Yesterday I went to the YORK JAZZ Jam Session, located at the PHOENIX INN. By the way, upcomming  events you'll find here (as long as the link works 🙂 It was worth the way!... Weiterlesen →

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